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Commonly asked questions

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This is some basic information about our Storage Center. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (805)-695-2122, we’ll be more than happy to help you.

What type of items CAN NOT be stored in my storage space?

When making business or personal self storage move in plans, consider that our storage facility has restrictions on what we will allow you to store. This is for your own protection as well as that of the facility staff and other Discovery Storage customers. As a general rule, any item(s) or material that is considered “inherently dangerous” will not be allowed inside your storage rental. Below we’ve gathered the most common items our customers ask us about. If you’re not sure if an item is allowed, ask the manager before you move into your storage space:

  • Combustible, flammable, hazardous or toxic materials. These include but not limited to: gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp and motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizers, paint, cleaners, chemicals, narcotics, or hazardous, toxic or biological waste.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Supplies and Equipment. While most supplies are acceptable, radioactive equipment – or anything that contains radioactive materials – cannot legally be stored.
  • Perishable Food and Animal Products. Canned foods may be stored in storage units, but perishable food products such as pet food, produce or meats are not allowed. These may spoil or attract pests.
  • Miscellaneous Prohibited Items. Any animals or plants – alive or dead – cannot be stored. Nor can any stolen items. People are not allowed to plug in or use refrigerators, freezers, generators, space heaters or live in storage spaces.

What are the payment terms?

Discovery Storage Center wants to make your storage experience stress-free, including paying your bill. We offer the convenience of AutoPay, which will automatically charge your Mastercard®, Discover®, Visa® or American Express® each month without additional fees. You can also pay with cash, check or credit card at the Storage office, mail your check, or take advantage of your bank’s online bill payment system for no extra charge.

How far in advance can I prebook a storage space?

We give you the flexibility to book a reservation up to 30 days in advance to help you plan ahead. This timeframe may change depending on the storage facility and/or storage space being reserved.

When can I access my storage space?

You can access your space during open business hours.

Please note that payments made on delinquent accounts after storage facility business hours will not allow gate access or ensure overlock removal until the next business day.

  • Daily from 7 AM to 7 PM (Businesses may apply for extended hours).
  • 365 days a year.