About Video Surveillance at Discovery Storage Center

No matter what type of unique situation for storage you need, we have unlimited combinations.

dsc-securityAll clients of DSC benefit from the extensive use of video cameras surveilling the entire 100,000 square foot storage campus of Discovery Storage Center. Our video surveillance system is state of the art and designed to ease your mind and ensure your property is stored in the safest possible environment.

Your management team at DSC has been protecting self-storage businesses for the past 35 years using video surveillance systems very successfully.

Fortunately, having a system in place at your storage facility may be a major deterrent from theft or vandalism knowing that anyone contemplating such debauchery will likely be caught in the act. Our video surveillance system records 24 hours, seven days. Not all storage businesses offer video surveillance. You should not consider storing your property in such storage businesses.

Protecting your stored property is our priority. Managers living at storage businesses sleep after hours. Our system never sleeps. Coupled with an alarm on every space, computerized access, photos and finger prints of every client and the fact that all locks are checked each day, video surveillance assures you of the safest possible environment for your stored property.